Board an oceanographic ship for one week and discover what is beyond the shoreline of Long Island Sound.

How clean is the water?
What is at the bottom?
What lives in the water and at the bottom?
How does it all work?

We are looking for a group of committed students to become part of a City University of New York team to study Long Island Sound with support of the National Science Foundation's program, Opportunities for Enhancing Diversity in Geosciences. The Long Island Sound study began in the spring 2006 semester. We had a successful field experience from the R/V Hugh Sharp for one week in June 2006. The students are now working on their individual research projects in preparation for presenting their results at conferences. Opportunities for research are still available for interested students, so don't hesitate to contact us!

Prof. Cecilia McHugh
School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Queens College
Tel: 718-997-3322

Prof. Marie-Helene Cormier
Department of Geological Sciences
University of Missouri
Tel: 573-882-8608